KBDOCK was built from the September 15th 2016 snapshot which contains 122,158 PDB entries of which 118,769 are proteins.


The Pfam version used is Pfam 30.0 September 2016 which contains 16,306 Pfam entries of which:

Pfam families, domains and repeats will be refered to as Pfam domains. Pfam motifs will be refered to as Pfam peptides.


The total number of PDB chains is 308,471 of which:

Using PfamScan, KBDOCK identifies 385,686 domain structures located on 282,732 chains from 113,174 PDBs.
The total number of Pfam entries which have a PDB structure is 7,730.
Of the 385,686 domain structures:

KBDOCK calculates a total of 352,148 interactions of which

The total number of domain family binding sites (DFBSs) and domain family interactions (DFIs) for each type of interaction is:

Interaction type #DFBS #DFI
Inter-chain hetero DDIs 6,646 2,812
Inter-chain homo DDIs 17,259 4,761
Intra-chain hetero DDIs 5,993 2,479
Intra-chain homo DDIs 1,345 455
Inter-chain DPIs 60 36
Intra-chain DPIs 46 24
DSPIs 1,011 522
DLPIs 1,373 731


The number of Pfam entries which have a Kpax-found structural neighbour with a K-score ≥0.3 is 7,712